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We provide digital marketing platform that allow businesses to track and analyze store traffic as well as their customer behavior, IN REAL-TIME!



Discover top deals and rewards at your favorite local businesses—wherever you are. No more wasted coupons, or none-relevant offers.

engaging with brands via mobile
Find Amazing Deals

Browse for your near-by deals at local businesses, pick one to redeem or start the exciting journey of collecting "ticks"

get "spammy" SMS offers
Receive "Smart" Notifications

Get notified with relevant deals that matches your interest from your purchase history, only when you're close enough to the store

tell friends about their experience
Deliver your Voice

Within a few touches, you'll be sure that your message has been delivered to the business owner, and you'll notified once he replied back!



We give you the tools you need to engage, acquire and retain loyal customers.

Customer Communication

Paper punch cards communicate through paper. Digital loyalty programs communicate through mobile apps. This means when you’re offering a new deal or have other important announcements, you can effectively reach your customers through the platform in single clicks. This connection is also useful for re-engaging customers who haven’t visited your business in a long time

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Social Media Engagement

Carving out a social media presence for your business is a necessity for getting ahead of the competition. When your customers are excited about your business, it should be easy for them to share it, and it shouldn’t require solicitation from your employees, In a recent Facebook study, 87% of people “Like” businesses on Facebook which are 2 times more valuable than average customers!

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Meaningful Insights

We provide insights on customer demographics, visit frequency, busy and slow periods, etc. Imagine if your loyalty program showed you that Mondays afternoons are always slow, but that you could offer double loyalty points for visits during those hours. You can simply increase customer traffic during traditionally slow periods and help justify the overhead!

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If your customers don’t know your loyalty program exists, it won’t be successful, and customers often don’t notice them without an employee speaking up and pointing them out. Thats where personalized push notification comes in handy, with the capability to reach out new customers when they are close enough to the store, and according to their profile and purchase history

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Paper punch cards can’t offer tracking capabilities and therefore expose stores to internal fraud when employees add customers can also cheat the system. Some brands terminated their paper loyalty programs after customers duplicated reward cards using their home computers. Digital loyalty programs protect businesses with security features like data encryption & redemption password.

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Customization and Engagement

Most paper punch cards offer only one reward upon reaching X number of visits. Although these rewards may appeal to some customers, they won’t appeal to all. Digital loyalty platforms enable you to tailor your program to your business’s unique personality, goods and services. Some studies have shown that customers sometimes event prefer mostly something ‘special’ instead!

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Tarifah Control Center & Dashboard

Revolutionary way to create better brand advocates, hyper-localized and targeted marketing tools that closes the loop from discovery, purchase to repeat visit!

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